Indraprastha Senior Secondary School,

Admissions of students without regard to race, color



IPS, Katha

Delhi-Saharanpur Road,Near Vill. Katha ( Baghpat )

Parents Corner

Dear and respected parents, a very warm and rejoice wishes to all of you. It is no exaggeration to say that parents and teachers are the only source of inspiration for the children. To a very common fact, it is the parents who give basic education to the children to understand and to grow up for further education at school. No doubt, a teacher nurtures the personality and sharpens the brain of the same child but, a parent is the best friend of the same child. Considering the same fact we, hereby, request you to make the following things the part of your daily life to make your children disciplined, perfect, polite, sincere and attentive in all respects;

  • Please check the school diary of your child every day.
  • Teach your child to maintain school uniform and to arrange the school bag according to the time-table as provided by the school through school diary.
  • Let your child learn why to be neat and clean every day and all the time.
  • Let the children learn how to maintain personal daily routine as a good student.
  • Motivate the child to attend his/her school on daily basis.
  • Be in touch with class teacher and the school on regular basis.
  • Check the daily homework of your child regularly.
  • Encourage your child to study at home.
  • Let the child polish his/her shoes, clean his/her cloths, arrange his/her bag for school and knot his/her tie at his/her own.
  • Please send proper lunch box and water bottle with your child to school.
  • Please send an application, along with your signature and contact number, in advance for your ward’s leave.
  • Do not cooperate your child for remaining absent or against school rules.
  • Intimate to the school any change in your address and telephone number(S). These are vital in the interest of safety of your child.
  • Always attend Parent-Teacher meeting as a platform to interact with the teachers keeping in view the progress of the child.

Note:- These are few suggestions which can make the students regular, punctual and attentive in all respects to narrate their life for a better future.


  • Do not compare your child with others.
  • Always give example of great people.
  • Appreciate your child for even small success.
  • Always try to be a good friend of your child.
  • Do not share family problems with your child to take him/her away from all unusual mental stress.
  • Do not calculate your expenses on your child while scolding him/her for any small or big mistake.
  • Do not forget but forgive your child if he/she commits a mistake.
  • Do not kill the childhood of your son/daughter just help him/her in growing day by day for his/her betterment.
  • Spend a little time with your child every day to maintain a good relationship with your child.
  • Always make a balance between your child’s studies and hie/her daily life enjoyment.
  • Always wish your child good morning to good night instead of waiting for the child’s turn.
  • Do not scold your child in front of others.
  • Always provide healthy food to your child.
  • Never be negative for your child’s performance anywhere.
  • Always speak good Hindi and good English before your child.
  • Let your child commit mistakes. You please have patience, let him/her realise his/her mistakes and wait for the right moment to help the child to rectify the same.

Note:- Every child is special with a unique quality. Help your child in finding his uniqueness to get success in life.